An invite-only PSOBB and PSOGC experience.

PSO Server Unseen is a Time Attack oriented server
with modern features and a strong library of quests..

What's new to Unseen?

Blue Burst release is in limited testing with WebUI in the planning stages. Gamecube functionality reaches new heights by fixing quest loading hangs and slowdowns. Unseen is now the only server to officially support and actively develop with Dolphin as a consideration. CM is now fully unlocked: stages can be played in any order.


Why Unseen

Unseen features minimal administration and a focus on Time Attack gameplay. Other servers highlight the need for a hands-off approach to administration. We seek to facilitate PSO in its purest of forms, unmolested by outside influence. Active development of the game is key to the resurgence of PSO Time Attack and our dedication to this principle is reflected in the quest listings.



Carefully curated from many servers and sources, Unseen boasts and unmatched repretoire of PSO content. All SEGA, Ephinea, SCHTHACK and select unique quests developed by friends. Content exclusive to BB is backported to GC and content exclusive to GC is forwarded to BB. Government quests have timers. All CM stages are immediately unlocked. Dolphin quest starts are consistent without superfluous packets sent by most servers. An exclusive and truly modern PSO experience.


Server Features

Take control of your data and edit character parameters with powerful tools. Restore your levels and memory card. Create your dream character and match it against the finest players in PSO with Sandbox mode. Request help with an exclusive community hailing from all corners of the world. Download your character for archival purposes. Submit a quest for review and upload. No other server empowers the player like this.


Time Attack Records

Extraordinary achievements require an exhaustive amount of documentation. To quote the sagacious Mayn: "The burden of proof is on you." Below are some of PSO's finest players and their achievements. A full spreadsheet is available at the following link while recent exploits are detailed below. We welcome all submissions meeting 2014, Vanilla and GC meta criterion.

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